Earthquake-Related Orthopedic Injuries in Adult Population: A Systematic Review Prehospital and Disaster Medicine

Earthquake-Related Orthopedic Injuries in Adult Population: A Systematic Review Prehospital and Disaster Medicine

Breaking Your Femur At Rileys Is Potentially Fatal

One agent that shows promise is the extended-release formulation of one of the oldest opioids, morphine. DepoDur, the brand name for extended-release epidural morphine, uses a drug-release delivery system called DepoFoam. DepoFoam is composed of microscopic lipid-based particles with internal vesicles that contain the active drug and slowly release it. Recent studies have demonstrated effective pain relief with relatively minor side effects for up to 48 hours when appropriately dosed.

The oral bioavailability of alendronate is drastically reduced when taken with food, even black coffee or orange juice alone. Alendronate is approved for the treatment of osteoporosis in men, in postmenopausal women, and in patients with glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis. It has been shown to increase spine and hip bone mineral density in postmenopausal women. Well-conducted controlled clinical trials indicate that alendronate reduces the rate of fracture at the spine, hip, and wrist by 50% in patients with osteoporosis.

TABLE 4. Benefits of central neuraxial block versus general anesthesia for transurethral resection of the prostate.

The most common sequelae of femoral neck fractures are loss of reduction with or without hardware failure, nonunions or malunions, and avascular necrosis of the femoral head. According to different series, the incidence of avascular necrosis varies from 0 to 15% for Garden type 1 fractures, 10 to 25% for type 2 fractures, 25 to 50% for type 3 fractures, and 50 to 100% for type 4 fractures. With external fixation, there is the additional advantage of not devascularizing bony fragments and not creating a surgical wound. Use of indirect traction on fracture fragments, taking advantage of “ligamentotaxis” via the fixator pins, can be effective. In cases of open fractures, an external fixator can facilitate wound care. External fixation is effective in preventing loss of reduction and length in situations where there is comminution of bone. Complications with external fixation include pin tract infection, superficial radial nerve neuropathy, pin loosening, and stiffness.

  • Bone is a unique tissue among all musculoskeletal tissues because it heals by the formation of normal bone, as opposed to scar tissue.
  • However, in grossly unstable injuries, treatment that would be used for other open fractures appears to be reasonable in selected cases.
  • Type Ia Russell-Taylor fractures do not involve the piriformis fossa, with the lesser trochanter attached to the proximal fragment.
  • With nondisplaced injuries, cast immobilization with limited weight bearing can be used.

Radiographs in the anteroposterior and lateral projections show the injury. The fat pad sign is usually present on the lateral projection (Figure 2–5).

Postoperative ileus: Etiologies and interventions

Although the use of the traditional epinephrine test dose is controversial, a test dose may be used to assess whether the catheter tip is in a blood vessel. Extreme caution should be exercised when deciding to perform CSE anesthetic in case of failed epidural anesthesia as there may be a higher https://www.wave-accounting.net/ risk of high spinal anesthesia. Wherever possible, a continuous spinal catheter with gradual dosing of the spinal anesthetic should be considered. Many catheters, particularly flexible or wire-reinforced versions, will not advance if the epidural needle is not fully in the epidural space.

  • The locking head screws have a head with a thread that engages with the reciprocal head of the plate hole.
  • When the engine engaged, the crank would “kick back,” and the Chauffeur’s fracture would result.
  • Immediate range of motion is usually encouraged with protected weight bearing at 8–12 weeks.
  • The greatest concern with using allograft materials is the possibility of viral disease transmission.
  • 9 Broderick JP, Phillips SJ, O’Fallon WM, Frye RL, Whisnant JP. Relationship of cardiac disease to stroke occurrence, recurrence, and mortality.
  • The study idea, contribution to write up review and editing was done by Dr James.

Patients who have disorders or take medications that can cause or accelerate bone loss should ensure adequate intakes of calcium and vitamin D and, in some cases, pharmacologic treatment. Pharmacologic prevention methods include calcium supplementation and administration of raloxifene or bisphosphonates .

Initiation and Management of Epidural block

Pneumocephalus, in turn, can result in serious neurologic injury, such as hemiparesis and generalized convulsions, as well as nausea and vomiting and delayed recovery from GA. Finally, in the case of CSEs with hyperbaric LAs, unilateral nerve blocks for certain orthopedic procedures may be more easily attained in the lateral position. Optimal patient positioning is essential for successful epidural placement.

  • After LOR is encountered, advance the needle slightly into the caudal canal.
  • Fractures occur when one or more types of stress, in excess of failure strength, are applied to bones.
  • By compression of two anatomically reduced fracture fragments, absolute stability can be achieved.
  • Progressive loading of the extremity and progressive resistance-type exercises can also be of benefit in the appropriate setting.
  • This injury usually results from high-energy trauma, and most dislocations are open dislocations.
  • The authors would like to thank Mrs. Marion Röthlisberger for her significant help with the statistical analysis and Mrs. Zoe Haynes for her contribution to the language editing.

Although lateral epicondylar fractures are rare, medial epicondylar fractures are fairly common, especially among children or adolescents. Elbow instability is not generally a problem; however, irritation of the ulnar nerve can result. Early motion seems to be important for restoration and ultimate function. If a displaced fracture results in ulnar symptoms or is itself symptomatic, the fragment can be excised at a later date. Locking plates provide angular stability and a favorable bone–implant interface for comminuted and osteoporotic fractures.

Young people sustain these injuries in high-energy accidents, whereas fractures in older patients are usually from lower energy mechanisms. Injuries to the nerves around the shoulders occur with fractures and dislocations. The brachial plexus and axillary artery can also be injured with anterior shoulder dislocations.

Breaking Your Femur At Rileys Is Potentially Fatal

Osteoblasts are mononuclear and are responsible for the accretion of bone. Many of these measures to reduce the incidence and severity of hypotension following neuraxial block remain under debate in the literature and are beyond the purview of this chapter. In recent decades, the incidence of SEA has increased, in part due to the increase in spinal instrumentation, the rise of illicit drug use, and the aging population. Treatment may require cardiovascular and respiratory support, including the administration of intravenous fluid and vasopressors and, possibly, endotracheal intubation with mechanical ventilation. However, case reports have described the use of subdural catheters to attain surgical anesthesia. The presence of serum mast cell tryptase can confirm an anaphylactic reaction in the immediate aftermath, while skin prick testing, intradermal testing, and subcutaneous challenge tests may help identify the causative agent. If resistance is met, continue injecting the saline into the soft tissue and then resume the original LOR technique.

The primary goal of treatment is to return the patient to his or her pre-fracture functional status. There are multiple internal fixation options and hemi and Breaking Your Femur At Rileys Is Potentially Fatal total hip arthroplasty. Open reduction and internal fixation has been shown to have a high rate of revision surgery due to nonunion and avascular necrosis.